Sometimes things get in the way of time.

6 Feb

This post is much later than it should be. It’s been a busy time for us in the poetry world! We had our fabulous feature with Jessica on January 24th. We were happy and honored to be her very third feature.

If you missed her, then shame on you. You missed an evening of lust and curse poems that curled our toes and spines and had us begging for more.

Unfortunately, my phone died just before the reading, so there are no pictures for which to share with you. I AM WORKING ON THIS!!! I’m just terrible with physical objects.


Our feature this month, February 21, in case you were wondering, is an college friend of Jack’s from Sarah Lawrence. This is the bio she sent me:

Sarah Levine received her MFA in Poetry from Sarah Lawrence College. Work has been published in Elimae, Ghost Town, and decomP among others. She has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and won Westchester Review’s 2013 Writers Under 30 Poetry Contest.

I’m very glad to have someone from outside of our incestuous community to come and visit the Round Room– which is not to say that I don’t love every single one of my friends. I’m merely suggesting that spilling new blood is never something I look down upon (unless we’re talking actual blood– like platelets and plasma and all of that. No one should be spilling ACTUAL blood!). Anyway, she has the most amazing set of poems about this little fellow named Herman and I absolutely love them. So will you!

It is entirely possible that we may have some music this time. I heard this chick play over at the Dirty Gerund on Monday night (which you should OBVIOUSLY check out). I can’t for the life of me remember her name, and I know that makes me a giant jerk, but it was really loud and I had just handed her a flier about the RR telling her that I’d pay her in whiskey and dinner.


So please. Do it for crown and country. Do it for your mom. Do it for Truth, Justice and the American Way. Check us out on 2/21/13 and you will NOT be disappointed.

Here is your weekly dose of awesome, btdubbers, with the Week.In.Poetry!!!!!


Experimentation in color.

11 Jan

Oh man, it’s about damn time I got this up. I find that often, Life After Holidays usually comes with being super lazy and or sick for the next week or so. I was only one of these until yesterday when I went home from work early sounding like a horse.

In any event, now that I’m not coding or filing or making phone calls, I now have o excuse to not write this post.


I am so excited about our first reading this year. I’ve known Jessica off and on for probably the last six years. She is an amazingly quiet person for being such a powerful writer, but I guess that’s the way it is sometimes. I asked her to send me over a bio, so I’d have something for the invite.

Jessica Dalzell was born in Worcester, Massachusetts. She received her M.A. in English from Clark University. In 2006, she moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico where she co-founded The Treehouse Open Mic Poetry Reading and began a southwest chapter of the Shakti Women’s Writing Pact. She currently lives in Worcester where she teaches high school English.

This doesn’t do her justice, so you’ll have to come see for yourself.


I mentioned before that I was planning some new things around the reading. I’d like to try and get the reading recorded (and I have no idea how, so if any of the three people that read this do… please share). I’m also adding another guest to our line up this month. I thought it would be nice to have someone play in between the open and the feature, just to break it up a little bit. This whole process is sort of a trial and error experience for me, so it may not last. But! Maybe it will.
Tony Brown’s first response when I asked if he would play was “I thought this was for women,” and it is. I didn’t know if I still knew anyone that played music though and this is an experimental procedure. We’ll just write it off this time as being such. Apparently I do know fantastic lady fingers, and if this is a hit, we’ll get some to pluck a string or two next month and there after.

I have a lot of hope for this new year. If you are close enough to make it, please visit us. I have a lot more chairs now.

Are you interested in checking out some other poetry this coming week? Well you’re in luck! There is a plethora of talent here in the Woo. This should be updated within the next day or two I would imagine. In the meantime, if you’re reading it as of 1/11/13, you can see what you missed! Poet Stuff

We interrupt your regular programming to bring you love.

29 Dec

The holidays came and went and another Round Room has gone with it- this time with less of form and more flow. We had every intention of having a reading. Tacos were made, Aztec hot chocolate was sitting in a pan on the stove… ah but Christmas got the best of us. Maybe it was the impending doom that that Thursday night really might be the last night of our lives- but probably not. No, what probably happened was time with family, some not quite last minute time to squeeze in shopping for those of us for whom the spirit of Christmas and Fat Man in Red Suit is still alive and well, and simply that it is TOO DAMN COLD to leave warm kitchens.

In any event, it was a lovely dinner with Victor, Lea, Jac and myself. We sat for hours and discussed iconic geek movie roles, former readings, past and present friends and loves and had one of the most wonderful dinners I’ve had in quite some time. Then at the stroke of midnight, we bid them adieu and climbed ourselves back into bed with whiskey slumbers and chocolate dreams.

Christmas came with ribbons and bows and new socks and left with crumpled paper in trash bags and presents to re-gift to unsuspecting and yet unvisited relatives. Our tree is still up (but only for another few days, as I’ve put my foot down on one too many dead needles). Oddly enough, it’s finally starting to seem like the holiday season… if a little late.

As we close on the year past and begin to open another, I want to thank anyone that actually reads this for helping to get this reading moving. There will be new things to look forward to in 2013. I hope to get the readings on video so that we can share the wonderful pieces of writing with those unable to attend. There was an idea flotsoming and jetsoming around about having music and some studio nights. Also? There will be pie.

January brings us the talented Jessica Dalzel. There will be more time to talk about her wonderfulness after the first. For now, just know that she is Vesuvius in the Arizona desert- erupting sand in a grainy turquoise blaze of that softness that reminds you of where you wanted to be when you forgot who you were.

Happy New Year, everyone. Ring it in with a whisper scream.

We save pennies from rainy days.

17 Dec

Welcome to Monday, everyone. Tonight, your favorite (and only) Round Room hosts journey out into the dark icy unknown as we return to the Dirty Gerund!

Ok, so it’s not so unknown. We are both old hats (hands? I really don’t know what that saying means or where it originates) at this game. If you haven’t been there, you are missing a variety show of the most wonderful proportions. Birthed by my dear friend Rushelle, it has been taken over and fostered by some of Worcester’s finest local living legends… Nick Davis and Alex Charlambides.

Tonight’s feature is none other than the beautiful Jackie Morrill. The open mic goes up at 9(ish) and runs until we break the night. There is always a fabulous musical guest and a talented visual artist that you can take home with you! And by that I mean their art, not their person.

Anyway, come join us at Ralph’s Chadwick Sq Diner on Grove St in Worcester.

And don’t forget this month’s RRReading with Lea Deschenes on Thursday night!

Did you know?

24 Nov

We have a facebook page! If you like us here, you should like us there!

No snow or mistletoe (probably)

24 Nov

Welcome back to the Round Room- this time of year soon to be a little obstructed by the Christmas tree Jackie is insisting on getting. I haven’t even started the holiday shopping and I’m already super sick of it, so instead, I’m going to sit in my warm home and have some cocoa and listen to some speak of sorts.

Our feature for this coming month is Lea Deschenes. If you’ve been around the Worcester scene long enough, you should be quite familiar with her and her lovely other half Victor. This is another couple I’ve known since the way back when days when I still believed in Santa and democracy (so like… 19 or 20).

Anywhoo. Lea is an accomplished writer, having been involved in the writing, editing and graphicking and collaboration of not just her own work, but that of many anthonogies as well if I’m not mistaken. I know for certain that she just did Jack a huge solid in helping her get some work done on her new chappie, so we’re certainly thankful for that. I’m excited to have her back in our home and this time for a full set!

Here’s some stuff I didn’t want to re-write, so forgive the theft. 

“A former member of four National Poetry Slam teams and a coach to two more, she also dusts off her BA in Theater to perform.

She has received a Jacob Knight Award, been nominated for two Pushcart Prizes and represented Worcester in the 2005 Individual World Poetry Slam.

She is the author of thirteen chapbooks. Her first full-length collection The Constant Velocity of Trains is available through Write Bloody Publishing.”



Alright, kids. I’m glad we had this talk. Please remember that seating can be limited, so we welcome you to bring your own seat if you think you’ll need one. We also have tons of floor space if you don’t mind Mama Cat coming to cuddle your lap (don’t wear white in this case). There will be an open mic list in the kitchen (see me) and a donation bucket (suggested donation of $2). We are still taking winter warmer donations, but as it’s getting closer to the holiday season, we’re also taking new and gently used toys.

Is that pork?!

18 Nov

Good morning everyone!

You know a night will go well when someone brings angel food cupcakes and places them on the table next to pulled pork sliders.

If you weren’t there, you missed out big. We were a small but mighty group with a fantastic open mic and a wonderful feature. Sou MacMillan came all the way from right up the road here in the Vortex with a set that brought me back to the Java Hut days of long ago. Our open mic consisted of newcomer Ann(e) Reynolds, and former guest stars Jenith Charpentier and Heather Mac.

Next month brings Lea Deschenes! More to come!